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Welcome to Litter, a magazine of poetry, reviews, essays and artwork. It's been running since 2005 and is updated regularly. You'll find the Litter archive 2005-2019   here . Editor: Alan Baker    Published in the United Kingdom by Leafe Press. ISSN: 2755-1784
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Review - The Collected Works of David Wevill

Andrew Duncan Meditation on a Pine-Cone : David Wevill, Works (Shearsman, 2022. In 5 volumes: as Collected Earlier Poems; Collected Later Poems; CasualTies; Translations; Translations from Ferenc Juhasz) First, an inventory. The set consists of five parts including two of translations, and a set of his 1983 prose poems (or just pieces?), Casual Ties, as a separate book. Wevill was born in 1935, a Canadian, and lived in England for ten years (roughly 1954 to 1963). The first trace is 4 poems in Cambridge Poets of 1958. His first book was published in 1964, but he had already been part of a Penguin Modern Poets volume (#4); he has lived in Austin, Texas, for the last 50 years. His poetry was well-known in Britain during the 1960s, even up till 1973. I didn’t find much written about Wevill, but I did like a review by Richard Freeman, of Where the Arrow Falls , in Ambit. “He is obsessed with contradictions; things that should cancel each other out don’t. Therefore he often tak