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Poetry and a photograph

Rus Khomutoff

 Welcome to your afterlife hollow point arrive unfurling a gaze/depthcruiser hour of pearl/these mindflesh afterimages/valorization of open as opposed to closed/pain superimposed on silence/inner parliaments and/of shadow- a liquidjewel pretty forever going any other way distancing itself from the combine/spire of deliverance on call/if there are mirrors they can be found in plainsong/what magic is/ god bless the renegades he said/episodic on oxygen court monologue/wayward son dispatches/smash addition soot/splintered enamel extravaganza/allow us to think masquerade weekend/ways of conquest radio nonplace/what I invaded has invaded me/white morning vixen/there is no other immortality

Overthrow the self/ an airborne disease, a beautiful thing that never happened-glistening in the rays of a distant supernova,mercurial staff take my breath away, moon merchant riding the wave, pirate blood/ nautical dawn wild blossom/ intercept canvas redux, church of trees scream in silence. There was superimposition & worry at a certain hour of the day/sanguine cold blood/hyena season genesis grasp secret psalm in search of duende/this eventuality’s carnival row exit in memory reclaiming time with unexpected grace notes/vagabond of the margins/mantic flame burning up the green guardian/assignations crestfallen between music & silence/carnivalesque xerox & infinity/dimension counterpoint face anything/introcut prestige music box/ noise & debris brouhaha/marigold showstopper horizon/victim of illusion blast scepter/excite/erupt/exclaim/stasis leak everlasting/cherub chance the undying matter anticipating nowhere/theremin cost victim of illusion priceless channel/follow me into the reprieve/best private fantasy times two/taste of holiday gross hesitation/to dance in the dark without fear/imperial violets distant shore/venerable plight/checkered koan/the other side of no tomorrow/a tiny island of confined electric charge/its bionic heart beats like the real thing/one nine five/less is more

copyright © Rus Khomutoff, 2020

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