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Andrew Taylor - Four Poems

Andrew Taylor Aedon In no spring was there more noise wailful but with recognition perhaps different waking pattern alertness Orange tips along footpath Quietness here there perhaps that sorrowful song rising such mournfulness mythological departures a cover break Eternal Feeling Movement To sing of spring to seek the omens of true spring drive south fly north do not hide as a fragment beneath out of view rather fizz like the energy off a packed square’s concrete when it’s least expected rise above the early hum As you move through the world Sort the merry in myth ground voluptuous hidden leaf flower melancholy magic air song Summer’s spot abroad as happiest fame nightingale in sunburst Provençal immortal thought unborn Th

Marton Koppány - Post-Visuals

Marton Koppány My intention was to write in light on the dusty canvas of sky a word which is illuminated by the four small quotation "lamps" – but also hidden by their unusual arrangement. It is about the paradoxical nature of evocation, and it is also a kind of "response" to "Light and Dust", the poetry site of my late friend, Karl Young. The other dedicatee, in parentheses, is my late father who Hungarianized his name before I was born. First came "aside", but it was too descriptive, then "ash", with my family's idea, but it was too direct, finally I found "dust". --- The small handwritten symbols are there to indicate the places where missing elements are to be inserted – as we use them when correcting manuscripts or school assignments. But nothing is inserted. The three lower ones should suggest that something is missing from the sky, and the fourth upper one should suggest that something is missing from "blan

Joel Chace - Two Poems

Joel Chace Autopsy:  The Plague Year Blubberous waist of shame cloven, so that those silly legs teeter on his golden swimming raft, and tip, dragging their appendages into the lake.  __________________________________________ ...suddenly looked at each                                                                                                    other with mutual                                                                                                    understanding…realizing                                                                                                    that they were eating the person                                                                                                    who had been drowned and had been pulled                                                                                                     out of the water by a fork.                     Monstrous