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Poem - "Autobiographia" by Sascha A. Akhtar

Sascha A. Akhtar AUTOBIOGRAPHIA an account of traumatic time spent in an archaic Catholic boarding school Murree, blind knife watch drop dormitory brief curtains awake black, mary flat black mary shuffle feast board fancy anne video gables green pajamas, pajamas one thousand steps chilblain accuse foxy me also roxy boxy,moxy, loxy weevils, rice. * sister, habit goa from blood suck girls we devil michael kills, red now cubicle cubicle jug wash stand counterpane fold one hundred years for spirits ghungru bathroom late alone hear voice ghungru , who is pray curly clean hair not puritan exit character building, plasticheart *   bang, blackboard mathematics hair pins hide man dress under home, economics win star win hepatitis C home go lover leave clutch kiss hallway, secret school boarding orphan history soldiers convent british jesus,mary. *    Mercedes, name letter nun read private my bitch bitch, holy fun, make personal frog eyes my mercedes trill cut girls little girls, fun Berchmans,n

Poem - "Freak Breach" by Sascha A. Akhtar

Sascha A. Akhtar FREAK BREACH Tommorrow has its malcontents Tommorrow is a creature I am learning Tommorrow is fractious like orange letters Tommorrow questions Today Tommorrow can never find a pen Tommorrow I fucking hate, you Tommorrow, pants Today, eggs Tommorrow, Oh the joy of being accepted   Tommorrow, rhymes with     Tommorrow, rhymes with       Tommorrow, rhymes with        Salient Features.   We are rare musical fandango This is where I come from The gutters & gypsies* Pakistani elite privilege attached To me – This is not who I am Nor do I give a fuck – I am Sick, so sick of your compromising Ballistics, your pageantry of Generalisations- Squatting on street corners Willing the rain to come We punk atavistic going widdershins These are my people Not you fuckers- Label me      I fucking dare you –        I’ve got you under my skin        I am the freak breach      In your scheme       There is nothing, but worth fighting for     The sirens they compel fracture     & ev

Review - '#LoveLikeBlood' by Sascha A. Akhtar

  Alan Baker '#LoveLikeBlood' by Sascha A. Akhtar (76 pages), pub. Knives Forks and Spoons Press. £12.00 This large-format book is expansive, wide-ranging and linguistically adventurous, and gives the reader an impression of energy and scope. The poems range from diary entries to large-scale poems that sprawl across the page, to visual poems, and collages combining text and images. Underlying all of the work is a feel for language that enables the poet to deliver rhythmic, musical phrases that demand to be read aloud. "#LoveLikeBlood" references pop culture (the title apparently a 1980s song title), literary culture (references range from the Orpheus & Eurydice myth to JG Ballard's "Crash"), politics, and personal experience (such as a girlhood spent in a Catholic boarding school). There is also a successful concrete poem combining comment on the recent repression in Turkey while at the same time refencing Sufi culture and Dervish dance. Akht

Review - "Solar Satellites" by Andrew Martin

  Steve Spence Solar Satellites, Poems    Andrew Martin    Shoals of Starlings Press (Plymouth)    26 pages This chapbook from an emerging talent follows on shortly after Andrew Martin’s debut collection Shoals of Starlings , published recently by Waterhare Press. Martin, a poet whose visual artwork is closely allied to his poetry has taken the subject of the solar system as his next project and the seventeen poems here represent his minimalist take on a ‘big subject’. Scientific knowledge, wonder and philosophical speculation merge here in these brief verses which also combine a lyrical melancholy with a playful approach to language. Metaphor and simile are allied to humour and a sort of ‘human projection’ which largely avoids mythical/classical reference in favour of a pared-down intensity which is refreshingly different. The layout, typography and cover-design, all by the author, are an integral part of the project and this small book stands in wonderful contrast to Shoals of