Maria Taylor - Three poems from "Dressing for the Afterlife"

Maria Taylor

Moon in Gemini


tonight the moon turns to its other / a twin in glass

tonight you’ll show me constellations of ex-lovers / stolen light

tonight our eyes won’t meet / tonight they will

tonight you’ll think of the past / drown in neon

tonight a woman in a mirror says, ‘go home’ / don’t listen

tonight be drunk & very wise / read: misguided

tonight you’ll seek the moon / don’t trust the brag

tonight someone will love / will hate

tonight the moon is frail / is strong.




Problems with the Idiom


It does not feel, as they say,

as if I’m walking into a brick wall.


No, forget that. I’m not walking

into it, I’m trying to eat a wall.


That’s more difficult. It’s easy

to walk into a wall, eating it isn’t.


I try and lance a brick.

The fork sparks a trail. To think


my teeth will suffer worse!

A whole brick wall. Where to start?


Where will it go? There is no

idiom in the English language


for love is a brick wall people eat.

The weight! My plate breaks in half.


The broken pieces remind me

of aspirin, maybe the moon.


The moon’s a romantic image,

often swallowed whole.



These poem are from Maria Taylor's new collection "Dressing for the Afterlife" , pub. Nine Arches Press, September 2020.
Copyright © Maria Taylor, 2020.