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Review - Two titles by Lee Duggan

 Alan Baker “Reference Points” (pub. Aquifer, 86 pages) by Lee Duggan “Green” (pub. Oystercatcher, 17 pages) by Lee Duggan In her debut collection "Reference Points", published in 2017, Lee Duggan assembled a collection of lyrics which adapt Charles Olson's composition by field in a specifically feminist way. Duggan has written about the influence of poets like Alice Notley, Joanne Kyger and Diane di Prima and how these women writers respond to traditionally masculine forms, and has said about Denise Levertov that her "organic approach characterised her unique style which came from a belief that form is to be found in the natural chaos of human life". The poems in Reference Points use the white space of the page to give a sense of female lived experience, and of place and domesticity. The scenes it presents are impressionistic, the poems refer to love affairs, the raising of children, loneliness and scenes of quotidian life against the backdrop of the Welsh land

Cliff Yates - Three poems

Cliff Yates Place Never mind Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, looking back over your shoulder, a basket of crows, a boat across the water with ancestors at your back; how about our own version of ‘Immense’ here in Brum – strategic selfies blown up canvas-size. I’ll carry my dad’s bag of tools, wear one of his berets, ride his old bike, wear a fairisle pullover under brown denim overalls, and clean up my boots. I’ll pack his longest screwdriver, brace & bit, claw hammer. Bring your camera and we’ll choose our sites: Paradise Circus, the Jewellery Quarter, Snow Hill, Victoria Square, Gas Street, that bend in the canal and the fisherman with the gear, forever reeling in, dismantling his rod, setting up again never mind the fish and the paraphernalia, it’s gazing at the float in the cold, gazing at the water. John Walker didn’t paint Seal Point when the tide was in, he waited for the detritus, the stink. ‘Tidal Change’, ‘Fishing with Tom and Les’, ‘Looking in’, ‘John’s Bay Pollution’, pai