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Tim Allen - 4 improvisations

Tim Allen   4 improvisations from Very Rare Poems Upon the Earth Planets smelting            malting the promise of flavour             there is              always King                    Midas                 released            to peddle myths            from coast to             coast                   a bee at sea                   peddling            the air smiling              mailing the primrose of favour to a crab adorned with rivets a              punk boat          smelling of promise LIKE surrealism’s eye          under melting glass                   melting the poison of feverish              tinnitus             saline torture                 all illnesses coming at once as if the body was an immortal in hell             but just for a moment               a dinosaur bottleneck     longbowman                  crossbowman               mum and unbearable toddler exercises in bookkeeping &                  watercolour