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Review - “Aerographs of the Visible World” by Simon Marsh

Steve Spence   “Aerographs of the Visible World” by Simon Marsh, pub. Oystercatcher.   Here we have twenty five poems or ‘Pings’, each fourteen lines in length and each related to an artwork by Rebecca Forster. As is recorded in the brief introduction the cover illustration is Rebecca’s Ping no 2 which when related to the poem gives the reader some idea of the collaborative method and is a good starting point:             Ping2             these browns           these hues you use           the rumpus in your heart           media rust replaces           paste in Redon blues           dawn’s tongues of brazen light           turn after-flare impending cloud           your shield’s edge etched           with cumin dust           a still lens map pin clipped            aren’t you flummoxed by           the cute way stars           stay shackled fast           to night?   So the starting point for the poems is the relation between the visual and

Review - “The Dusty Angel” by Vahni Capildeo

Steve Spence   “The Dusty Angel” by Vahni Capildeo, pub. Oystercatcher Press, 24 pages Here we have a new chapbook related to Vahni Capildeo’s writing residency at the University of the West Indies in 2020. It is split into three sections: Walk; Nocturne and Lullaby. There’s always a degree of experimentation in Capildeo’s poetry as well as a strong lyrical drive and the subjects of climate change and the Covid virus appear as a sort of background to the entire sequence. From Walk #5 we get the following, nine stanzas (couplets), a variation on ‘coupling’, a form which pairs a line of found text to echo with and reflect the shape of an original line:             Yellow, and black, and pale, and hectic red,           Cling and fall: satin rags from cliffside trees              Each like a corpse within its grave, until           Wrestled into resurrection, wrestling             Angels of rain and lightning; there are spread           Nets of wildfire on the char