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Review - "Other Life" by Ed Luker

Steve Spence “Other Life” by Ed Luker, pub. Broken Sleep Books, 82 pages. £7.99 The opening poem to this impressive volume sets a scene:                   Aubade              for Tom Raworth             Split light, densely unequivocal           some sick in the cereal                     puffy in the cot           fat in the artery                eyeless we bevel           our own extraction pads             against the spleens           strewn in the corridor             some would wish           for less all the time.   So we have via Raworth a suggestion of an ‘avant-garde,’ a hinting towards and undermining of a literary tradition and a celebration of the phrase ‘densely unequivocal’ with its nodding towards both the infant state and old age and the messiness of both. Luker is a new name to me and throughout this book he manages to combine anger with humour with exploratory language which is both ‘of the street’ and clearly sophistica

Norman Jope - Three prose Poems

Norman Jope Faster Than Human Life Can Endure He dreamt that he wrote the same poem over and over, word repeating word, sentence mirroring sentence, and that he did so for years… only realizing when it was much too late, and far too much effort, to erase the incriminating evidence. And then he woke sitting in an armchair at the beginning of his sixtieth year. His dreamscape was more than five decades old, the books on his shelf up to four decades. Time stretched out behind him, replete with tendrils of information that coiled at the back of his head. ‘The landlocked mariner’ he wrote, as if to explain his perplexity… ‘The landlocked mariner looked out to sea and it had turned to stone’. How can anyone sail on stone? He couldn’t imagine setting sail in any case. Some of his shipmates had already dropped down dead and others were contentedly ashore. There were tales that he’d thought that he wanted to tell, but what did they add to the meme-hoard? One hundred thousand publishable poems a