Alan Halsey - Poem: "Impromptus on Peter Dent’s Yarns"

Alan Halsey

Impromptus on Peter Dent’s Yarns

‘Big numbers don’t stop at nothing’
and that’s what’s called the Minus Touch:
the host of old claims the ghost of gold.

‘Compositional weakness is tantamount to disaster’
used to be considered sound advice.
Now we’re accustomed to disaster we tell
compositional weakness ‘Bring it on!’

‘Asked how you’re feeling everybody I know grumbles’
except a chippy who was once a neighbour of mine.
He always replied ‘Tremendous!’ He was a part-time fireman
and lots of chimneys caught fire in those days.

‘Only love and art have the faintest who I am’
or so they imagine. It’s actually a contest
played for fun. A fantasy some are fain to say.

‘How eerie when sentences connect with others typed earlier’
by some other bloke. Even now he may be sitting
on your shoulder with a knowing smirk
as if the pen in his hand is worth two in a push.

‘Some yarns are prone to turn up in fancy dress’
padded out in the guise of an Australian poet who’d
packed on the pounds. He told some tall tales, that one.


 Copyright  © Alan Halsey, 2021.