Cliff Yates - Poems

Cliff Yates

Lunch is ready and I finish off an email
at the kitchen table.
‘If you do that again,’ she says,
‘I’ll take that computer
and put it in the garden in the rain.’

New Thing

‘Guess what new thing I’ve started doing,’ I said.
‘I give up. What?’
‘Abdominal breathing, like in Tai Chi.’
‘You were holding your breath when you said that.’


‘The characters in that TV series,
they’re just not interesting.’

‘You’re not interesting,’ she says,
‘but I’m still making you poppadoms.’

Getting it Right

‘I’ll get it right one day.’
‘I doubt it,’ she says.
I laugh. ‘It’s not funny really, is it?’
‘No,’ she says, ‘but at least you’re hopeful.’

Poem for Chris

‘Chris likes these poems.’
‘What you've got to realise,’ she says,
‘is that I'm a very creative woman.’

‘Where's this leading?’
‘It's not leading anywhere
without me there is no Chris.’


‘What we need is a special pan for fish
and a fish spatula.’ ‘No,’ she says,
‘what we need is for you to eat fish.’

Copyright © Cliff Yates, 2021