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Review - "The Brown Envelope Book"

Steve Spence “The Brown Envelope Book – poetry and prose on experiences of unemployment, the benefits system, disability and work capability assessments”, Selected and edited by Alan Morrison and Kate Jay-R.     Published by Culture Matters.    315 pages £12.00 Alan Morrison is something of a powerhouse in the poetry world. His own collections, almost too numerous to mention, include the magnificent Captive Dragons and his role as editor (joint editor) with The Robin Hood Book, incorporates a wide range of poetry from a variety of names (some well-known, others not so) all actively opposed to government policy and the general misdirection of society. This current compilation has a similar thrust although as indicated its particular aim is benefits and disability and the ‘brown envelope’ is a very potent symbol of the issues around this subject. Here we have poets such as John Seed; Niall McDevitt; Jeremy Reed; S.J. Litherland; Martin Hayes; Naomi Foyle and Angela Topping plus a