Lucia Daramus - Poem

Lucia Daramus

Another Voice

The sky is above our minds
with closed veil of dark clouds.
Far off the window of Exeter Cedar Hospital
a green dead field with some alive trees
and a house with a white bird on the top.
I'm asking myself
what's inside the house. What kind of man?
And a possible woman?
On that window’s pleasant instantaneous
light. Bright light, a light in green colours
is there from their souls?
I'm hearing a voice
it is a pleasant voice having a shadow
blue, blue, harmonica blue.
My voice is settled in that house
With blue nuances in my mind's voice
the house, house near Cedar Hospital
In Exeter ...and yes... there is a woman
I can hear! A woman with long hair
and brown yellow pattern like a rapeseed field
reading Perfume by Suskind
yes, yes, ...a murder and ...and ...the
sense of smell and its relationship
with the emotional meaning
of a taste of coffee and French croissants
Perfume – the perfume of the century
of the city, of the streets , and a woman .
My voice asked me:
what kind of smell will have
your dead body...
your dead body
I whispered: my body
my dead body will smell of words
with thousands of aromas and tastes.
Is a pleasant. Pleasant voice with
silent feeling in the voice's mind
the sky, the sky is so, so high
and my body so, so heavy
I want to fly up, up, up but...
I am just a spot mind in this universe
mountains, mountains on the flapping planets
blooming in my heart.
Led by my voices
one voice said to me: be silent
and listen to the universe from your heart.
White clouds, huge clouds, enormous clouds
highlighted my vision closed to my mind
and, and high deep
solemn stage of our life in Cedar hospital Exeter
but fight – the fight!
the voice number two
smashed a window in the hall's hospital
and with the shard of glass the voice
cut the sky ...and blood, blood, blood...
the sky is my trajectory of my aorta
I painted like Van Gogh my death with my words
I painted with words and the bloody sky is coloured in my aorta
cutting, cutting in two pieces
one piece for the South of the universe
and another one for the North
blood ---
my blood is raining over Cedar Hospital in Exeter.
And my crowded voices are singing my requiem ...

Copyright © Lucia Daramus, 2022