Blossom Hibbert - Poem

Blossom Hibbert

close it all down!

close it all down!

im telling the darkness some foreign lies on you

did you tear the pages out of

this cold wet evening?

did you finally tell the toaster how you truly feel?

we are all just well oiled kneecaps,

with bits slowly sinking away

we are all just waiting to ask

what did you expect from me?

close it all down! in my town, we don't talk about things like that

close down my town!

it is a formless cave with no boundary lines

and no one is allowed to use their name

you can still see the clouds in the dead of night,

and that brings me a comfort

without a doubt

my town is shut, the dark has been told a lie

so i guess i can finally shout goodnight


i am always slow and stoic in the early time then

fall into a permissive state of

          evening attire i am suddenly

being summoned and doing things always

i never sit still! there are always things to be moved, said and done

ultimately trying to find a sense of nice in what is certainly

my own discomfort

trying to make the word 'happenening' less bleak and overt

drink warmith from a cup in the late time and fall into a more

natural sense of comfort, scoop the sun out of the sky

whilst it is doing its leaving and keep it all mine tonight

existing in the contradictions of today and knowing it will soon

all come to an end

whether there is comfort

                  or not


there is no more dying left to do today

nature has sort of undone its waistcoat and let out a big sigh

of relief that sits nicely

in that space between lunch and dinner

in that space where everything swells and expands

into what was, what is -

    (and what could be later on)

comfortably resting back in the armchair

(sipping on hot things that slide smoothly down)

i exist mostly in the wind blowing beyond

where my mind can really imagine i look out of the

window and i see the eyes of the trees

glancing back at me

i think (again) to dying wildlife and wonder if we are all done for today

are we all done with the dying for today,

               or is there more left to do?

Copyright © Blossom Hibbert, 2022