Ralph Hawkins - Poem

Ralph Hawkins


fashion tips

make your mind s up
preferencing Givenchy
satin hot tub swizzle stick  

just a clasp pop purse
of Himalayan spreaders
goofing    over your lips

strawberry juice and
a million repressions
drawn to dark lipstick

and Jasmine, I love Jasmine
moist dappled of Flora                   
her choice yoga-urt Glendale, California

skies scraped clean of ash
colonic purification codes
with soft berry tones

her lips breathe spring roses               
and mud packs caked on arid walkways
in youth filled dreams, Chloris 50% off

the god of the west wind
mountain top Vedic meditation
it’s not for everyone (at that price)

a herbivore mix freely available
question marks, luke and john
toiletry a major industry

at Pompeii with trailing hand
dear Ceres, dear everyone?
wheatfields of the great cosmic famine


Copyright © Ralph Hawkins, 2022